Interviews with Dr. Montero-Odasso on Phase II of the CCNA:

CTV News: London scientists awarded more than $1-million for research

Global News: London researchers awarded $1.35M to complete dementia research

Blackburn News: London scientists get nearly $1.35M for dementia research

Guest blog by Dr. Montero-Odasso on the CCNA website:

Improving Mobility to Improve Cognition: SYNERGIC Trial

Photos from MEC Team session titled “Multimodal and Combined Interventions to Improve Gait and Cognition: From the CCNA Initiative” at the IAGG Conference 2017 in San Francisco, California

IAGG Conference 2017 – CCNA MEC Team Symposium

Photos from session titled “Consensus in Measures of Gait and Cognition: From the Canadian Consortium in Neurodegeneration & Aging” at the IAGG Conference 2017 in San Francisco, California (including members of the MEC Team)

IAGG Conference 2017 – CCNA Consensus Symposium

St.Joseph’s Healthcare Annual Report 2016-2017

A world-first approach to combat Dementia

Dr.  Montero Odasso discusses the new national Research Trial: SYNERGIC for Imprint (January/February 2017 edition)

Dr. Laura Middleton, site leader for the SYNERGIC Trial at University of Waterloo, interview with CTV News Kitchener (January 2017)

CTV News

Lawson Health Research Institute’s London, Ontario Press Release for the SYNERGIC Trial

Dr.  Montero Odasso and the research team at the Gait and Brain Lab discuss the new national Research Trial: SYNERGIC. 

CTV News

CBC Radio: National Research Coordinator, Alanna Black, discusses the SYNERGIC Trial, enrolling participants 60+ with Mild Cognitive Impairment at London’s Gait and Brain Lab at Parkwood Institute.

CBC Radio (at 21:15)

Lawson Health Research Institute interviews Dr. Montero Odasso regarding the national SYNERGIC Trial. 

Researchers testing triple intervention to combat dementia